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FFA and Doubles are gametypes that are popular across all the games, I'd expect those to be cross-game. Same goes for Infection (H2A, H3, H4), and Grifball (H3/4)


Plus there may be people that want to play Halo 2 4v4 that isn't the MLG variants only.

There's no reason to have two Grifball games, just let the community decide which they prefer and let them play that.


And I know people would want to play Non-competitve 4v4 Halo 2 but I don't think we need more than one 4v4 slayer playlist for any one game. 


But yeah I guess flood could be multi game, I was just trying to give each game two playlists . 

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Funny, I've seen CE excluded from swat in at least three different places. I played a lot of 400% health no shields FFA where you could tank a rocket body shot but not a pistol headshot. It was a lot of fun. I'd play no shields halo 1 as a more casual experience and I think the only reason everyone keeps excluding it is because they've never played it or something.


There are definitely better ways to play h1 but don't exclude it for the sake of it.

Swat is definitely one of the more casual things to play in Halo 1, but it can also be very competitive. Though a good team can lock down an entire map, the balance can be upset in an instant. And if people want to play it competitively, there is no better game to play it on. Swat with burst-fire is so... lame.


Also, I think some people are forgetting the origins of big tournament Halo. No shields on Blood Gulch. Darkman with a twenty kill lead. The race for second place.

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This is going by every playlist being ranked an none being social.


Halo 1


Lone Wolves (6 Man Free For All)

Team Doubles

4v4 Team Slayer

4v4 Team Objective


Halo 2


Lone Wolves (6 Man Free For All)

Team Doubles

4v4 Team Slayer

4v4 Team Objective


Halo 3


Lone Wolves (6 Man Free For All)

Team Doubles

4v4 Team Slayer

4v4 Team Objective


Halo 4


Lone Wolves (6 Man Free For All)

Team Doubles

4v4 Team Slayer

4v4 Team Objective


Cross Game Platform Playlist


Big Team Battle H2, H2A, H3, H4

Team Snipers H1, H2, H3, H4

Team SWAT H2, H2A, H3, H4


Rotational Cross Game Platform Playlist



Griffball H2A, H3, H4

(Living Dead) Flood/Infection H2A, H3, H4

Lone Wolves Brawl (Legendary/Mythic Brawl 12 Man FFA) H2, H2A, H3, H4

Multi Team H2, H2A, H3, H4

Rocket Race H2A, H3, H4

Team Action Sack H1, H2, H3, H4



So the list I made basically has 16 dedicated game playlist 4 per each game, 3 cross game playlist, and 1 rotational leaving us with 20 playlist we can play.  Lets be realistic guys we can't have 50 playlist, its just not going to work out that way.

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That selection would be a mess. So many of those playlists would be horribly underpopulated.


Majority of the playlists are going to be cross game.

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Cross game playlists suck. Just merge Objective 4v4 and Slayer 4v4 into one as "4v4 Team" for each game to lessen the playlists. For Halo 2, possibly replace this Team playlist with Hardcore as they both offer the same thing, only one is competitive settings. Then add an individual H2 BTB playlist so people can play vanilla Halo 2 some more and remove one of the cross-game ones and add it to the rotation.


That'd be 16 playlists. Although this includes only 3 playlists where it is possible to get H2A, which would never fly with 343. But that is a manageable number IMO. We could always remove Halo 4 FFA, too. Like seriously, who is going to play that?


By the way, Im aware this will 99% not happen. And this is building off of Akrezz's post. But it is what Id like to see.

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no one who wants to play Halo CE, wants to play with no shields...

that is entirely not true. swat and no shield shotguns (or snipers) have to be in the top 5 favorite gametypes of halo ce



also you guys seem to forget that you don't have to have all halo games in a cross-game playlist. i'm pretty sure at e3 they even showcased that some playlists would be excluding halos.



ranked single game:

FFA for 1,2,3

2v2 for 1,2,3,4,h2a, always no radar

4v4 hardcore in 1,2,3

playlists so far: 11


ranked mixed:

1v1 in 1,2,3

snipers in 1,2,3, h2a

swat in 1,2,3,4,h2a

btb slayer + obj in 1,2,3,4,h2a

4v4 slayer in 2,3,4,h2a



In mixed playlists, people should be able to filter which games they want to search for. Swat/snipers/btb aren't the best gametypes for competitive play, but they have a competitive audience. Because of this, I believe people will want to play multiple game titles.



Social (all 5):

4v4 slayer+obj


action sack ( griffball always an option, but last priority)



multi-team, 4 teams of 2


+ double "exp"


total playlists: 11 ranked single, 5 ranked mixed, 6 social, 1 double exp, so 22(23)

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Has there been any comment on the FOV for the MCC?  I'm sorry but I don't feel like browsing through 303 pages in this topic for the answer.

i can assure you there has not been. the only news came on the 1st day when 343 said they were changing halo 2's split screen for campaign. I'm guessing thats because its 44 degrees on widescreen split, they are going to change it to be horizontal instead of vertical






I'm worried they might be changing the pov to improve framerates... or they just might overlook it somehow and change it by accident.

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I've posted this before, but this is what I expect:


4v4 Slayer and Objective:

Halo 1

Halo 2

Halo 2A

Halo 3




Team Slayer

Big Team Battle

Rumble Pit






Action Sack


That's 14 playlists.


After seeing the Quin thing, we can fit a Social Slayer playlists.  Team Slayer will be popular enough to support a ranked/social split, but that's it.


There needs to be a Halo 1 Doubles Pro playlist =(


At first i wanted to see separate hardcore playlists, but the more I think about it the more I feel that "pro" variants should be available in all playlists for the sake of the community in general (as long as they are actual competitive settings and not some stupid gametype that 343 made up).

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Halo CE Team - option 1 TS, option 2 OBJ, option 3 Hardcore

Halo 2 Team - option 1 TS, option 2 OBJ, option 3 Hardcore

Halo 3 Team - option 1 TS, option 2 OBJ, option 3 Hardcore

Halo 4 Team - option 1 TS, option 2 OBJ, option 3 Hardcore

Halo 2A Team - option 1 TS, option 2 OBJ, option 3 Hardcore


Cross Game

Action Sack - option 1+2 completely random mix, option 3 Griffball

Big Team Battle - option 1 TS / Pro, option 2 BRB OBJ, option 3 Mixed including fun BTB gametypes

Doubles - option 1 TS, option 2 TS pro, option 3 Mixed including OBJ

FFA - option 1 TS, option 2 TS pro, option 3 Mixed including OBJ / fiesta

'Slayer' - option 1 TS, option 2 Snipers, option 3 Swat

Duel - 1v1, random TS / pro gametypes where both players veto 1 gametype


There is community service within playlists to maintain larger populations. That's the fairest way I can think to start the playlists off, from this point they can take the voting statistics to find if a certain set of gametypes warrants its own playlist. In order for this to work in everyone's favor the ranking system needs to really distinguishing between players e.g. if it works out Hardcore variants should increase in popularity to become the voted majority when you're reach the top end of the rankings where the most competitive players actually play.

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I would be fine with a crossgame 4v4 playlist which includes H2,H2A and H3.

Doubles could be all 4 games and H2A.


In the end people are going to be disappointed. But even if there are more cross game playlists then anything else it still comes down to voting.

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IMO, I think cross-game playlists are just a silly gimmick. It's going to be so disorientating hopping to 5 different games every 10 minutes. Everything will be different, the aiming, the jumping&movement, the weapon times, the aim assist/bullet mag etc. I think it's going to die off a few months after release and the standalone playlists will be utilised more and more. Sure, it'll be fun at first to go in and not know what map and game you're going to play but it's gonna get old very quickly. People will get frustrated that the game/map they wanted wasn't voted for.

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