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I will say this, I am finding matches MUCH more consistently. Yeah it still takes 3-5 minutes to find a good match, but at least I'm getting them. 

What sucks is that people can't join in-session lobbies. You'll go from a game of 11 people, play it, it'll drop to 8, play it, then to 6, and then everyone leaves. You have to start/stop a lot which is annoying but it's happening on a consistent basis for me. 

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For people asking why 343 has not made a statement.... It would sound alot like this.


343- "It has come to our attention that many issues still exist in the MCC after the content update. I assure you, we have no fucking clue what is causing these issues, but we are working around the clock to fix them."  :kappa:

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I do want to say something about H2A though. I've never played competitively in a tournament style. I mostly just play for fun online and watch tournaments. I'm a competitive person by nature online, but that obviously doesn't mean much.


When it works, H2A feels really, really, really good in my opinion. Especially when compared to Reach and 4.

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I'm finding players quicker, but when it tries to put us in a game it freezes at the map loading screen and shoots me back to lobby like 75 percent of the time... What the ef

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We've been bitching about lack of information and people are shitting on the guy trying to answer questions*.




Some people are just grand.


*assuming it's real.

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