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There comes a time in one's life where you have argued for something for so long, that when you come across something that is both completely against your position and completely stupid that you just want to strangle the person who dared to produce such a terrible thing.


And I hope that it goes without saying that BR starts are better because it gives you a chance to fight back, against people who may have Sniper Rifles, Beam Rifles, Rockets, Fuel Rods, Swords, Shotguns, BRs on the map, Carbines on the map, Vehicles, terrain advantages, and every other thing that is better than an SMG.

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I used to joke around that I could take a shower and come back and still not find a game if matchmaking was slow in H3.


But god damn I never thought it would actually become a reality in 2014.

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I got three friends together last night to play MCC and we got ONE GAME in ts before everything irreparably broke and we were not able to get another game. The game was just pubstomping AR users in Dammy too. I'm getting to the point of wanting to keep playing solely to create an awesome bs montage.


I'm losing hope that this thing is even salvageable at this point.

You're just kidding yourself if you think MCC will ever work. 343i will never allocate the resources to fix it once those utter thieves STOLE everyone's money. Code should be started from scratch but we all know that won't happen. It's just hilarious how they could honestly give a fuck about halo fans. They actually hold contempt for the people that bought mcc and complain about it. Look at their Twitter, silent, no fucks given.

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is there a way to get maps and gametypes?

specifically on h3?

Gotta wait for 343 to port the Halo 3 MLG maps over. Anyone can make the Halo 3 MLG Gametypes.

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Xbox one dominates on black Friday. Safe to say MCC had a big part in that. 343 needs to fix their shit asap


I woke at Meijer(a department store in the midwest) and all this weekend I only sold about 2-4 Master Chief Collections.


But we sold out of Xbox Ones.

I am pretty sure it's because of the 70 dollar price difference + other deals like a free game or $50 coupon.

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