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Cursed Lemon

The Most Interesting Halo Player in the World

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He snipes with the Shotgun


He has toilet breaks mid-way through BR battles and still wins with full shields


He doesn't have a team, he plays with several controllers simultaneously


He talks trash about Halo 4 on Waypoint and doesn't get banned


He uses the Storm Rifle when he's being competitive


He managed to save Cortana at the end of Halo 4 

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The most interesting Halo player in the world plays Halo: Master Chief Collection.



He pulls host in MCC, and finds 4v4 games in mere seconds.


Every shot he takes in Halo CE is a hit.


He can snipe across Coagulation.


His A button performs a superjump to compensate for the lack of them in Halo 2 Classic.

He is perfectly capable of playing Halo 3 MLG with a headset.
He chooses who has to "Respawn in 4 (..minutes)".
He can shoot down stalagtites on Lockout.
His Halo 3 mongeese are gungeese.
His launched stickies always land on another player.
He can stop the train on Terminal with a beatdown.
He can wallglitch on the left side.
Power weapons spawn like CE weapons in all Halos for him.
Bugs don't affect him, he just plays.

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He enjoyed MCC launch because 1v9 is the perfect balance for him.


I saw Heinz destroying in TS 1v3 yesterday. So well,  you may be correct.

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He has 50 rank in all playlists in Halo: The Masterchief Collection (including Halo CE playlist and Team Snipers)


He can BxR and BxB in Halo 2: Annaversary


He´s Playing Halo 5.. without Sprint, and in smaller maps, no abilitys

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He can BxR with an Atari 2600 joystick 

He installed the day 1 patch without an Internet connection

Noob-comboing him simply adds to his ever-present overshield

He waited 7 years on top of the 2nd Blue Beam Tower to state “What took you so long?”

He always spawns with 4 grenades

He can teleport to the top of Damnation by himself

Halo 2 players suffer fall damage in his matches

His very presence on a map triggers random spawns no matter his location

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He has Sergeant Johnson's blessing with each cigar.

He goes +5 positive on each tradeoff kill

He is THE Alpha Zombie, no matter the playlist

He got launched out of a MAC Gun on Cairo Station, and lived to tell the tale

His overshield spills diamonds when discharging

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He asked Quinn why sprint was added and got a reply immediately.


He also honors NDAs. He is an honorable man after all.


The ce choice is the first on his menu. As is the second, third, and fourth.


And yes he has a fourth menu choice.

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