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Winter Classic Bracket, Schedule, Reporting and more!

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Final Placings:


1st: $270 Team Classic - Chig & Goofy

2nd: $0* Peter Puffers - RhipeN & Turley

3rd: $54 NOX Lets Ride - DH Gregor & DOA Bruh Bruh

4th: $36 Severance - Fearless 0nline & Gabriel SvR


*Team Classic won the finals 2-1, but issued a double or nothing challenge. Team Classic won the extended best of 7 series and won both the 1st and 2nd place prize money.



  • Squirrel Seduction - Most Dope, Allstar FA
  • BK Scrubs - Lemon Sherpa, jonahmlg2
  • Synergy - Toast Bomb, ILocaL
  • PermaFir3 - UI Fir3, bFLAUCH
  • Bartle Do - CurvedBubbles, I402I Thanks
  • Coke Bois - Napolean, Monster 
  • Butt Buddies - cTo Brett, The Battleshipp
  • At Least We Tried - Toxinate, WLCM2DASTKHOUSE

  • PrayforConnection - Resolution, zFriction 

  • Monstarz - Gandalf, Guided Choke

  • Advocates of Death - Snipersdespair, Elations Arrow

  • Peter Puffers - RhipeN, Turley

  • Fury - Hunky Hombre, C o s m e t i c

  • The Canadians - Superior Stoked, eV Requiem

  • NOX Lets Ride - DH Gregor, DOA Bruh Bruh

  • Severance - Fearless 0nline, Gabriel SvR

  • Str8 Sarcasm - Frosty Evades, MT Y3wish

  • Classic - G00FYY, Chigskis

  • Rookies - Naded, Boss Here

  • Strafe - DomeRocked, Dr4miS

  • Cashin Out - TG IGotUrSniper, What Da Problem

  • Taliban - Herotastic, ZZURKA

  • The Seiling Experience - OG Drewski, Ciutchboy
  • WbN - RG The God, The Zadias

Official Bracket Here


Welcome to the Beyond Entertainment Winter Classic! This thread will be used to report scores, schedule matches, and handle disputes. Please discuss the Beyond Winter Classic Tournament here.




Prize Pool:
  • 1st: $180
  • 2nd: $90
  • 3rd: $54
  • 4th: $36



Due to some requests, we currently plan on having the tournament completed on Saturday instead of Sunday. Also, if you can't schedule your match on Friday, you are allowed to push it to Saturday. If you don't show up on Saturday, you will forfeit the match. If you have any other issues, please post in this thread or contact me via PM or @xClicked on Twitter.


All matches listed below MUST be completed by 10:00 PM EST on Saturday. Keep in mind that you can complete your matches before the scheduled times as long as the both teams approve.


Friday (All times EST)
  • Round 1: 6:00 PM
  • Round 2: 7:30 PM
  • Round 3: 9:00 PM
Saturday (All times EST)
  • Rescheduled Matches: 12:00 PM - 5:15 PM
  • Semifinals: 6:00 PM
  • 3rd Place Match: 7:30 PM 
  • Finals: 9:00 PM
Remember, if you can't meet these times, you must contact your opponent and reschedule!
We will be using the Halo 2v2 GameBattles dispute policies so please refer to this link for more information on disputes and cheating. Please note that all disputes will be handled by Beyond Entertainment staff and the results of those decisions will be final.  If you are caught cheating you will be permanently banned from the website and forum until the end of time. (Don't cheat.. We're trying to save Halo.)  
The settings and maps listed below must be used for tournament play and cannot be edited except the score to win must be set to 25.
  • Game 1: MLG Team Slayer on MLG Guardian
  • Game 2: MLG Team Slayer on MLG Heretic
  • Game 3: MLG Team Slayer on MLG The Pit

Reporting Scores:

Both teams must report their scores after their round is complete. Please copy and paste the example below, fill out the information, and post it in this thread. Taking pictures of the scoreboard after the game with proof of the other team being there would be best to avoid disputes. Any disputes should also be backed up with video evidence to your fileshare for review by Beyond staff.
Team Name: TeamBeyond
Winner: TeamBeyond
Round Number: Round 3
Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)

BracketBe sure to click the image to enlarge!



Video & Written Content: If you're interested in being featured on our front page or on our YouTube channel, be sure to save your best clips and films! We plan on posting the best gameplay, clips, interviews, and more within our network.

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Round 1: Complete!





  • At Least We Tried (Toxinate & WLCM2DASTKHOUSE)
  • Rookies (Naded & Boss Here)


  • The Canadians (Superior Stoked & eV Requiem)
  • WbN (RG The God & The Zadias) DQ


  • Monstarz (Gandalf & Guided Choke)
  • Strafe (DomeRocked & Dr4miS)


  • Coke Bois (Napolean & Monster)

  • Cashin Out (TG IGotUrSniper & What Da Problem)


  • Classic (G00FYY & Chigskis)
  • PermaFir3 (UI Fir3 & bFLAUCH)


  • Synergy (Toast Bomb, ILocaL)
  • The Seiling Experience (OG Drewski, Ciutchboy)


  • Butt Buddies (cTo Brett & The Battleshipp)
  • Str8 Sarcasm (Frosty Evades & MT Y3wish)


  • Bartle Do (CurvedBubbles, I402I Thanks)
  • Taliban (Herotastic, Ayypokk)


Round 2: Complete!




  • Peter Puffers (RhipeN, Turley)
  • Rookies (Naded, Boss Here)


  • Squirrel Seduction (Most Dope, Allstar FA) DQ
  • The Canadians (Superior Stoked, eV Requiem)


  • Advocates of Death (Snipersdespair, Elations Arrow)
  • Strafe (DomeRocked, Dr4miS)


  • NOX Lets Ride (DH Gregor, DOA Bruh Bruh)
  • Coke Bois (Napolean & Monster)


  • Classic (G00FYY & Chigskis)
  • BK Scrubs (Lemon Sherpa, jonahmlg2)


  • Fury (Hunky Hombre, C o s m e t i c)
  • The Seiling Experience (OG Drewski, Ciutchboy)


  • Pray for Connection (Resolution, zFriction)
  • Butt Buddies (cTo Brett, The Battleshipp)


  • Severance (Fearless 0nline, Gabriel SvR)
  • Taliban (Herotastic, Ayypokk) DQ




Round 3: Complete!




  • Peter Puffers (RhipeN, Turley)
  • The Canadians (Superior Stoked, eV Requiem)


  • Strafe (DomeRocked, Dr4miS)
  • NOX Lets Ride (DH Gregor, DOA Bruh Bruh)


  • Classic (G00FYY & Chigskis)
  • The Seiling Experience (OG Drewski, Ciutchboy)


  • Butt Buddies (cTo Brett, The Battleshipp)
  • Severance (Fearless 0nline, Gabriel SvR)





Semifinals: Complete!




  • Peter Puffers (RhipeN, Turley)
  • NOX Lets Ride (DH Gregor, DOA Bruh Bruh)


  • Severance (Fearless 0nline, Gabriel SvR)
  • Classic (G00FYY & Chigskis)









  • Peter Puffers (RhipeN, Turley)
  • Classic (G00FYY & Chigskis)



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Goofy, Naded and Chig jumping in at the last second lol

time to neg doju for his post about no pros competing





nah jks


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Is there any possible way to sign up to be the 20th team it would make it even, also I had no idea the deadline was 12PM EST since I had school. Hopefully you understand and can fit me in. Its a for sure $20 down sign up no change in minds.

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We've been getting bombarded with messages regarding the last registration deadline, so we're extending it one last time. This is the last call for anyone that's interested in playing! I need everything ready within the next hour. Contact me via PM or @xClicked if you're interested.

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Goofy/Chig will win


No they won't...


The winners will either be Severance or Rookies, I promise you. Goofy and Chig havent played this game in so long and even if they were well practiced I doubt they would win.

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Which is more reliable, the image or the written bracket. Because Lemon Sherpa and jonahmlg2 aren't on "Bartle Do." Our team, BK Scrubs isn't even listed in the written bracket.

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This is it! Brackets are filled and are accurate. Prize pool has also been increased! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time.

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Both brackets are currently incorrect because we're getting more teams at the last minute. It should be finalized within the hour.

Awesome. Great to see more people interested in playing!

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Good luck to all teams playing can't wait to watch!


I'm saying chug/goofy or nadeds team to win it all but we'll see.


Would like to see a sleeper team win tbh.

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How did you come up with seeding? Was it random?

I put the teams into the bracket in the order they registered and then randomized the seeds.

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