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To3 Looking for a Main Slayer/Obj For AGL Wired/ Tournaments/ PGL

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Team of Three Looking for One Really Good Player. 
- Dedicated 
- No Raging or Complaining (Denied if We Notice you Do, Regardless of Skill Capability) 
- Must Know Callouts
- Smart Player a Decision Maker 
- Know's Good Positioning 
- Have a Flexible Schedule 
- Can Practice for 3+ Hours with Team
- Takes Halo Seriously, Don't Waste our Time
- Willing to Work with Team to Get Better, Despite if we Lose or Not
- Being Active With the Team
- Mature 
- Can Take Criticism 
- Respecting Teammates 
Contact Me:
XBL: Avexius
Twitter: @Avexius
Teammates Contact Info:
XBL: BS Vernage 
XBL: zTreyy
Twitter: @BSVernage


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This seems like a very focused team of 3. I'd like to tryout. Legit 2.32 KD Ratio here, very competitive gamer. Knows most spawns and setups for each map. Always looking to get better with a team. Usually on for a good bit per day.


I'd like to try out. I would consider myself a Filler bc I can slay, support AND OBJ.


I'll msg you on XBL shortly. My gamertag is Snaptix

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