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BETA: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/cc0b6a3b-fe23-4732-9bb8-d59ccbc33ed4


Asymmetrical 2v2 arena with acid routes and multiple portals. Venom features a mix of extreme verticality and overlap with a classic CE arena feel. Gameplay is dynamic, frantic, and acrobatic, requiring quick decision making and total map knowledge to outsmart enemy players, hold key lines of sight, and control portal movement.


Acid Pit

  • -25% shield decay
  • Speed boost visual effect

Recharge Station

  • 25% shield generation up to 2x Overshield
  • 50% damage resistance
  • 3 second delay before shield generation if player enters the station after taking weapon damage
  • Overshield visual effect

Weapons and Power-Ups

  • Rocket Launcher (180s) – 0 spare clips
  • Sniper Rifle (120s) – 0 spare clips
  • Speed Boost (120s)
  • Conc Rifle (90s) – 0 spare clips
  • Needler (60s) – 1 spare clips
  • Plasma Pistol (60s) – 1 spare clips


*Speed boost effect enabled for screenshots

*Overhead: http://i3.minus.com/ibwD6PRYjRhUbx.jpg





















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It reminds me alot of Quake style map designs, which is something I generally take inspiration from, and the map itself is very clean and well done I am impressed. This could end up being a favorite, I will definitely be getting some games on here next time I log on Halo 4.

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