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F/A For Any Upcoming Tournaments

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- Call me Snaptix (It is my GT as well)


- Looking to compete/coach in any/all AGLs following AGL Knoxville and possibly looking UMG and others.


- GT: Snaptix

- Twitter: iSnaptix  (Has an i in front)


- I have some experience involving LOCAL Lan tournaments. Placed 3rd at once and 8th at another (2v2/4v4 types) I am a real competitor and I play to win but also to be a great player/teammate. I know alot about competitive play for Halo 4 and I am always learning more. Hit me up on XBL or Twitter and we can talk/game.


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My GT is Secret 6. I am also a very competitive person and want to win. I am trying to find a team to run with and compete with. I'm 16 and from Illinois

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