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Bro Anny Dainge is a god damn savant. He flipped a 60th overall pick with little to no value into kyrie Irving. Not to mention the incredible draft picks.


I honestly think Marcus smart is better than everyone in his draft class, I’ll take him over Wiggins, Gordon, maybe not embiid but that’s literally it. Take a look back and tell me Boston didn’t get a great player at that pick with smart.


Guy is just so damn important of a player on the Celtics too when you think about. He shoots 27% from the field and you CANNOT TAKE HIM OFF THE COURT...


Oh and Al Horford then Hayward in back to back free agencies... can only imagine who comes this summer, who wouldn’t want to play for Brad Stevens???


Very impressive, ultimately you’re gonna be up against a 30 PER lebron in a seven game series though but not much more you can ask as a fan, impressive rebuild.

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This aged better than fine wine

Bro I was on cloud 9 those first two weeks, memories can last a lifetime! But yea ultimately I was living a dream that wasn’t real, the magic were 8-12 last year and are a loss tonight from having the same record. Lol


7-2 to 8-12



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