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NBA Thread

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Reddit, nah but I do find that some subreddits are great resources for information on games I play and such.

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On 6/26/2019 at 11:09 PM, AoG_Grimm said:

Do any of you post in the nba subreddit 

Yes, all the time. Best sports subreddit hands down.

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Really think Orlando gets a 4-6 seed. Love the addition of Aminu and retaining our other guys. Think our transition defense will be best in the league by far, need to continue limiting turnovers and improve internally and the sky is truly the limit. Can't believe I'm saying these things about Orlando. What year is it? lol

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13 hours ago, MiamiHeat10to14 said:




wade poisoned his brain when he was in chicago

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Heat can’t trade a future first until 2028. Yikes! Pat Riley gotta retire. Lol

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