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Imagine if the Celtics add 2010 ROTY to the team for $$$ and scraps???? See you in the finals



who are you talking to? SEE WHO? 

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If it were 1992 that would be a great trade. BG mid range % is in the 20s, and you basically gave the clippers solid role players to surround lebron with next year. Big time L for Detroit, but that’s the price you pay to bring an all star to a city that’s struggling to fill up the arena.


Stan will get fired next, this was his last big push to avoid limping in as an 8 seed again.

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mj would have never allowed this to happen to one of his teams...lebron is an utter fraud

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i honestly have not seen that bad of body language from a team in a while...magic players were really quick to blame each other and hezonja just looked like he didnt give a fuck


i really thought we were going to lose that game at the end there...hezonja was stroking.  it hurt me deeply when portis hit that 3 and then lavine made that steal off the inbounds...truly heartbreaking.

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Why would he? Lakers have room to sign two max players this summer, got Ingram and Ball... LA gonna be back really soon

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Skills: Jamal Murray


3 pt: Klay


Dunk Contest: Oladipo


Westbrook MVP, Team LeBron win.

Congrats to team stephen
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