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NBA Thread

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My picks for the reserves:


East: Wall, Lowry, Love, Paul George, Paul Millsap, Kemba, Isaiah


Would love Embid over Millsap but not gonna happen.


West: Westbrook, Thompson, Draymond, Cousins, Hayward, Marc Gasol, Conley


Guessing they won't vote in any Clippers cause of Blake and CP3 being hurt.

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East: Lowry, Wall, Isaiah, Kemba, Love, Millsap, George

West: Westbrook, Conley, Cousins, Dray, Hayward, Gobert, Gasol


I'd likely swap Conley for Thompson/Lillard if I had to, and KAT for Gobert if Rudy wasn't having such a great season. 


Deandre Jordan is a player for the Clippers I would see as an All-Star if they had to have one, but not having a better season than Gasol or Gobert. 


Also worth noting that Whiteside, Dragic, and Brad Beal are having great seasons but will likely miss the cut. 


Not a single player on the Magic is even CLOSE to deserving lol 

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I think Westbrook will be an all star this year. Quote me.

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Celtics 3 in a row can your favorite team say that???

cmon man even the sixers can do that shit


now can u win 7 in a row like miami? that's a team

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