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Players in Singapore

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I know that it is unlikely, but I'm just wondering if there are any players in Japan?

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There are, but because of the time difference, it'll be hard to find them. I have a few on my list. There are many I think. They have tournaments and all for Halo so the answer is yes. :) If you know Japanese, I can try introducing you to them one of these days when we play again.

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I'm not, lol.

But its the closest thing to my country, so we give each other amazing connection.

Always getting handicapped connection from the States and UK :x

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I'm in Canada for uni, but I originally come from Hong Kong. Connection at my house sucks balls + the connection to the US makes the so called lag I experience here in Canada seem like nothing.


What I usually did to get a nice connection is literally, play MM until I coincidentally match up with people in my country and party up with them for MM since we'll have a higher chance of host or even play against others in the same continent. I would usually add them to my friends list and just only party up with them or not play at all lol.


finding a nice connection at the time was like ecstasy to me.

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