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Players in Texas

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Some of the Texas locals recently LANd at SA a few weeks ago, lots of Houston, dallas, SA players attended.  I think it was like 15ish players and it was for H2 IIRC

Preciate it, I think everything is updated now


The Houston scene is pretty good.  Most of the players don't post here but off the top of my head we have SvR Gabriel, Tweak, Cpt Blainer, Windy, Zildjian, Quinn, Me (kinda), Psyril,  since, Munoz (?) and a few other players that are also pretty good I'm forgetting.  

I'm pretty sure most of those people are returning after MCC hits so LANs should be starting up. The Galleria also has Launch tournaments for Halo so I wouldn't be surprised if I and a few other locals went to just chill if you want to start knowing people.  Tho most LANs generally have their host iffy on bringing strangers, if you talk to locals and are friendly you will get invited and if you don't you can ask.  They generally say yes if they think you're nice.


I'll PM you some more info since I cant post it here


Yeah, I would also be interested in a LAN. Hit me up with some info if possible.

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I live in Weatherford, TX. Nearby Fort Worth and Mineral wells. Very seasoned gamer. Playing for going on 10+ years. 18 years of age. Looking to get a team or just to compete.

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El Paso, Texas




Unfortunately there aren't any tournaments for Halo in El Paso but my brother and I are looking for local players to play, scrim, and practice with. Possibly pick 2 people up for online tournaments.

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GT: hi im tooltip



Dallas, TX




The best way to contact me will be on XBL directly or twitter.


get with me

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We are looking for a high caliber halo player to come lan this weekend 1/23/15 - 1/25/15 in Houston, Texas. 


I consider myself an above average player, but the other 2 players that will be participating are well known world class competitors.


The Lan will consist of 4 player FFA, 2v2s(rotating players), 1v1s, and maybe some online 4v4s.


We will mostly be playing H2A, but we will make sure that we get in some h2 classic and h1.


Unfortunately since we are only looking for 1 more to fill up our weekend group I will need some what of a resume.


You can reply to this post with any past accomplishments, previous teams, current team(if any), gamertag(Obv), and a way for me to contact you.


If you do not want to post here you can email me personally at [email protected] 



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Looking for a player to be the 4th for a weekend of halo in Houston, Texas


We will be playing FFA, 2v2(rotating Players), 1v1, and maybe some online 4v4.


2 members of the group are well known high caliber players


We will play H2 classic, H2A, and H1


Since we don't want the world showing up at our door step we require that you apply by following the steps below.


Send Application to [email protected].

Include past/present accomplishments, teams, gamertag, and real name. 

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If you are able to attend a 2v2 LAN tonight in houston texas please let me know.

post your name, gamertag, anf any other information you would like to provide.

Providing your information does not mean you will be invited. We are looking for people with a competitive skill level.

Below is information about myself

Name: Derek Pendarvis


P for pendarvis


Th3 Mighty Pen


2006 - 2008:Participated in about 11 MLGs as both a competitor and coach


At this time all I can say about the other participants is that they were top players and attended a godly number of events.


Post here or email me direct at:

[email protected]

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I live in the Dallas area, please add me to the list. Looking for local people to meetup with and hopefully join up with a team soon.


Gamertag: Acer7smc

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I am in the DFW area and I'm planning on getting serious when halo 5 comes out with a group of friends if anyone wants to play or maybe join up just add me.




Gamertag: ItsLaith

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Completely forgot about this thread, just did an update with everyones GTs and I put notifications on so I will be able to update regularly now


If anyone wants to add me for H5/blops 3, you can. It's been a while since I talked to the regulars at Texas LANs but if they start playing again I can probably try hooking you up with some contacts. just don't be an ass 


Some of you guys though didn't specify where you're at so I put you at the bottom of the list if you didn't


GT- xWicked Swami (Houston) 

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Hey guys, I live in Frisco, TX (north Dallas by Plano for anyone not acquainted). I've lived here for 2 years now, and I know a few guys in Grapevine and Ft. Worth like Irish DTX and Shzlss. I recently helped cast a Halo 5 launch tourney held by Versus Gameplay Arcade at a Microsoft store and met a lot of great people, so knowing of the Beyond forums I decided to check for people near me. I know Texas has a healthy gamer culture, much more than my home state of Louisiana. I plan to start streaming very soon, and I've been told that Versus Gameplay will be hosting more competitive shooter LANs at their location in Dallas. To my knowledge, they started by running their arcade and fighting game tournaments but I know they'll likely be doing more Black Ops 3, Halo 5, and Gears of War UE events in the coming weeks/months.


I used to compete and travel during Halo 3, and I'm also pretty well rooted in Gears of War competitive as I make a lot of the graphics and overlays used by their community events and such. Halo however was my first love.


I'm looking to attend locals and larger events all over our state (we have a lot, regardless if not directly for Halo), and possibly host a few for fun at my apartment and possibly larger venues on a monthly basis for free.


My gamertag is: TYPOGRAPH1C


Hmu if you need 1 to run customs with as a filler. I'm 25, and work 9-5pm Monday through Friday for a church. I'm also married with a kid on the way, so I doubt I'll be doing any out of state traveling but I'm always down to play with a good group of positive players. I hope that some of you guys close to DFW could check out Versus Gameplay in North Dallas. They have really great production quality for a local LAN center, and the owners are very friendly and genuinely care about growing the Texas gaming scene.



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