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Players in Texas

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post your GT AND Skype so I can add you guys to the Skype group that I will make soon


I'll occasionally update the OP with areas of Texas players




- xWicked Swami (me)

- Mastcrmind

- VysuaLs

- Jawxdroppnx

- WilframAlpha

- IllidanSTR8

- JasonBrav0

- DeathOfaPengu1n (is looking for a team)




Sir Blackouts (BE username, never specified if that's his GT)


Corpus Christi:



- Violenc3

- OVO RaiN


Glen Rose:


- Muggsy




- cjnew

- Lyyke.(Summer)

- DDay ATX

- RyRysGNAR/Ryan

- SeamusTheWhale

- An Epic Name

- GreatCesari

- iBreakAway (Eli) - Can co-host LANs

- Parallax Reverb



College Station:


- Cloosk




- Irish DTX

- Fearist

- TLN Music Fiend

- hi im tooltip (Twitter @its_tooltip)

- Acer7smc




- Lyyke (Fall/Spring)

- Gengo

- GG Massacre




San Antonio:


- Hi Im SunShiine

- KDLR23

- xI Cranster Ix

- G1VeN


Fort Worth:


- shzlss

- prettyboy krown

- FRSH88

- Charlie Fours

- MySniperSaysHi




- ComatoseCaleb




- Capitalist

- XBL (Pyschodork) XBC (DorkisPyscho)

- ItsLaith


El Paso


- Alex Slayer 117

- iM TRiP

-TriiXsTeR (BE username)




- Broskiis




- Ektopas


Mineral Wells:


- Toxic luls


Shallowater (Close to Lubbock):


- Savage Arbiter


People from Texas but never said from where:


- Lufkin

- DaddyParanoia (Presumably somewhere in the DFW, Dentonish area)





Edit: Also, this is no where near the list of Texas Locals. i know a decent amount but they're just not on these forums so Texas is pretty good when it comes to comp Halo.


Edit 2: From now on post your Skype and GT

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I live in Austin(summers), and go to school in Denton! GT Lyyke.

Added to OP. If you want more info, go to texaslancircle.com (is it okay to tell people to go to another site, mods?  I know MLG had issues with THC on this) as we have a forum/calendar for Tx locals and players post there   Introduce yourself!

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SunShiine - San Antonio


GT : Hi Im SunShiine


member over at TexasLanCircle.com, co-hosted the last TLC LAN with Defaulty at our apartment.

check out the site because we will be having another LAN July 8-12 in Corpus Christi, so head over to TLC to RSVP your spot!

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I live in Texas, but I don't play Halo 4 much if at all, much less customs. Just wanted to bump Texas.

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Make sure to get involved with the Tx Community on Texas LAN Circle!  You'll get a lot more invites to LANs if you converse with others and talk to them.  It's always better to not be a stranger when it comes to locals! 

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Also just an fyi:


If you live in Houston, San Antonio or Dallas. And especially Houston/SA you're pretty much set on LANs.  Lots of locals are from those areas as expected and if you are interested in LANing with players pm me for more info

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I live in Houston. Been trying to find Texas LANs for months now. Check your inbox, Akuma



GT: Mastcrmind

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I live in Houston. Always up to game when I am not working and would love to find some LANs.

Make an account at TLC!  Converse with players there and if you're not a complete dick you'll be invited to LANs easily.


I'm also from Houston too :P  We have a good amount of good players here as well!  (Tweak, Zildj, Gabriel, etc)


Also, I need a GT lol

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