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Polar is essentially an aesthetic map - the result of experimenting with the new terraforming technique which was recently debuted by Honored Forge.  Polar is also a modded map.  I wanted to build without the usual restriction on natural pieces, and try to make something that looked like a mixture of rock and ice.  It is setup for Slayer, but has not undergone any testing.


  • Slayer
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Overshield
  • Speed Boost
  • BR's/DMR's/Carbines/Light Rifles
  • Frag/Plasma/Pulse Grenades
  • Assault Rifle
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Needlers












Download Polar




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Yeah, 4v4 is probably the best fit.  It's not had any testing at all though, and probably won't. 


I'm mostly just releasing it as an example of what's possible aesthetically with this technique.  I think this look can actually be done much, much better than what I've done here.  Maybe it will give someone the necessary inspiration to do that.

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The layout is pretty uninteresting.  I didn't put any thought into it at all, because I didn't intend to release this when I first began building.  I was literally just trying to learn how to put the pieces together with this new forging technique so that I could understand which types of shapes and elevation changes work in conjunction with it.  Making it 'playable' was an afterthought.

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Yep, which is why I said it's essentially an aesthetic map.  ;)

It's not meant to be taken seriously as a competitive map.

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