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Welcome to our forums! As you would expect, we have several rules and guidelines that we put forth to facilitate what we deem is appropriate behavior. As a member of our forum, you are expected to know and abide by all of these. Failure to do so will result in an appropriate response from our staff. You are encouraged to report any rule-breaking behavior.

Rules in red are ones that are often met with a permanent ban if broken. Repeated breaking of the rules will lead to longer bans, all the way up to a permanent and/or IP ban. Any rule, if broken in a drastic way, can lead to a permanent ban.


  • Illegal activities may not be conducted on our forums.
  • Vulgar material may not be posted (nudity, gore, etc.).
  • Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • Each user/communities/team/brand may only possess one account.
  • Attempting to bypass the censor is not allowed.
  • Post(s) may be edited / removed if ban or warning is issued.
  • Spamming is not allowed - this includes bumping topics.
  • Any unofficial giveaways, tournaments or advertising threads / posts will be considered spam, except in the case of official partners, or special circumstances.
  • Any threads or posts that aims to lure users to 3rd party websites or social media outlets are not allowed.
  • Avatars and signatures should abide by all rules.
  • PMs should not be excessively vulgar or abusive.
  • All .gif embeds should be under 7MB in size.
  • We don't delete forum accounts, please don't ask.



  • We have a zero-tolerance policy in regards to harassment.
  • Banter is fine, just don't go overboard.
  • You may not threaten, attack, or demean others.
  • You may not "bait" other users into poor behavior.
  • Debates and arguments should be mature and insightful.
  • Constructive criticism is allowed - outright bashing is not.
  • Arguing with staff publicly about moderation will not be tolerated.
  • Reputation should be used to acknowledge the quality of a post.
  • Excessive and / or unwarranted negative reputation can result in a ban.
  • Bashing or harassing Beyond or Staff on social media/sites can result in a ban.
  • Bashing or mocking Premium features can result in a ban.




Includes but is not limited to:

  • Posts of pictures / gifs should be relevant.
  • Criticism should come with reason.
  • Spamming and bumping is not allowed.
  • Questioning moderation in a thread will be considered spam - may result in a ban.
  • Posting about rule-breaking behavior is not allowed, please use the report feature.
  • Don't bump old heated forum discussions.



  • Posting on our forums is a privilege, not a right.
  • Discipline is aimed to be fair and consistent.
  • Repeated poor behavior will be met with severe consequences.
  • Warnings are not required and should not be expected.
  • Verified, Pro Players, and Premium are expected to abide by the rules.



  • To cancel a Premium Membership, you must check your PayPal recurring payments under your personal account settings on PayPal.com, and cancel Beyond Premium.
  • Beyond is not responsible for any payments that are recurred if you do not do this and or forget to do this.



NOTE: If you make additional accounts during or after a ban, you will be permanently banned and IP-banned, and will have no chance of returning to our forums.

If you have any concerns our questions regarding the forum rules or any moderation or discipline, feel free to contact an administrator through a PM.

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Even though our Forum Rules state what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behavior, many of you are having trouble distinguishing from "criticism" and "bashing", or try to label or disguise your bashing as criticism.
CRITICISM is the analysis and judgement of the merits and faults of a piece or body of work.
CRITICISM is allowed on our forums.
Examples of CRITICISM:

  • Ordnance drops aren't good for Halo because they reduce the skill-set to acquire weapons.
  • Legendary Slayer is a poor representation of "classic" Halo.
  • Pitfall is a poor remake because it lacks key elements that The Pit had, including vibrant colors and the beloved Yellow Pads you could jump up onto.

BASHING is the unnecessary venting of pure frustration, often aimed to demean or ridicule and commonly done passive-aggressively (which is also against the rules) on forums.
BASHING is NOT allowed on our forums.
Examples of BASHING:

  • "I need to know if this guy has ever played Halo before."
  • "All I've wanted from this sorry excuse for a Halo game was a classic playlist."
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