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Favorite Pro teams going into AGL 10 Indianopolis and Why

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Right now I am torn between Status Quo (Flamesword, Snakebite, Ace, and Dersky) and Ambush (Pistola, Snipedown, Legit, and Formal). I am liking SQ because I like Snakebite's playstyle and personality as well as Dersky and Ace's personality. And from what I know Flamesword is a strong player. On the other hand I have been an Ambush fan since AGL 10 and am a fan of all of the players on Ambush. I am not a fan of them dropping Heinz but I love the team Dynasty that he has formed (Heinz, APG, Lethul, and Enable). My favorite teams are SQ and Ambush but I hope Dynasty wins. I want Dynasty to win because I like Heinz as a player and I want him to show that he is back. I also like the other three guys even though I miss Infamous. What is your favorite team going into AGL 10 and why.

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Well then you're in luck! Of the 4 teams you named as your favorites or teams you like, those are the only good teams out of the few going... 


So you gotta like your odds. 

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are those the only teams competing? 

I left out Ogre 2. Ogre 2 is teaming with FIS, Roy, and since Lunchbox dropped out they need a fourth. I am interested to see how they do but from what I have seen they are rusty.

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