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I feel bad for Optic, but I do not feel bad for their fans. The kind of excuses they come up with in that chat... makes me cringe. 


"Oh they are just losing on purpose so they can play in the losers bracket so they don't have to play nV and coL."


"This wasn't fair. Adversity had the advantage having played all those games earlier today!"


Expect imagine these things I wrote written in broken texting lingo from 15 year olds.

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I dont wanna be that latino who screws the party and shit... but out of 108 people Top 48 and Top 24 is quite good imo. Yeah there might be lots of random teams, but first event and they're representing the Halo community and no offense to the CoD community, you can't simply go to your first Halo event and do shit like this. Props to Turning Point for trying and doing their best when they had not much of a time to train, huge props for Primal for getting Top 24 and going even forward and well... BTH... You could have done better than top 64. I mean, people playing CoD for years getting outplayed by Halo kids that played the game since not too long. That's already a huge achievement imo. 


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