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I've been playing the COD WW2 campaign.  It's pretty awesome so far!  I haven't touched the multiplayer because I have hated every online COD other than COD2.

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Is it just me or is the shot registration terrible on this game? I'll put half a clip in some people and they just turn and mow me down and on the kill cam is like they've taken no damage.

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My biggest problem with MM in COD games is still in WW2.  They need to limit how many people can be a sniper.  I was just in a game where all but two of us had snipes (not me).  It's pretty dumb and it takes away from gametypes like War.


Yeah, yeah I play casual matchmaking and I'm not sure if it's different in ranked, but it's silly.

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Treyarch games are always so well-rounded. Very excited for their modern take on classic Call of Duty.

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