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Reach Didn't Do That Bad...

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No it didn't NBNS made competitive Halo the best I've ever played, close to Halo 2.

Reach v7 was a good game, most people don't deny that.  


Unfortunately, Reach was already dead by the time the change was implemented.  Even then, the only playlist that actually had NBNS was the MLG playlist, which means most casuals didn't even know NBNS was available.  


Seriously, the closest playlist Reach had to NBNS was a playlist with REDUCED bloom and sprint.  

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It seems a lot think of Reach and automatically write it off because of Pre-Patch with bloom (which I think is honestly worse then no de-scope).


Reach NBNS settings with the Anniversary map pack was one of my favorite settings honestly.  I enjoyed H3 more because of nostalgia and all the people I played with.  But I enjoyed Reach NBNS more than H3 if comparing settings.  Only thing missing was a hit scan BR instead of the DMR and that didn't really bother me too much.  Way I figure, you get in a BR fight and you lose because 1 out of the 3 bullets hit, but your opponent gets all 3 to hit.  Seems random.  DMR you miss because you plain and simple - missed.


H3 had better maps.  But countdown flag was honestly one of my favorite halo gametypes.  I don't know why, just enjoyed it.. :)

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