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FA / Looking for 3 for Halo 3 - AGL Indy

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Hey, I'm trying to set up a team or find a team for AGL Indy. Who/what I am looking for:



  • I'm not looking for an incredible commitment level here, just maybe two or three nights of practice a week.
  • At minimum: Basic Halo 3 competitive experience. (Know call-outs, able to run set ups, and ability to work as a team and listen)
  • If you are an uptight asshole- I don't care if you are amazing, find another team. I'm trying to enjoy the weekend whether we win or not.


As a Free agent: Why you should pick me up as a 4th.


  • I have been playing halo 3 this whole time. Never owned Reach and only played H4 for two months.
  • I listen and communicate well.
  • Very well practiced at LAN. I have hosted over 20 local competitive H3 LANs in the past 5 years. 


Hit me up if you are interested or have any questions!

GT: My Old Bones

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We have a team of 3. best placings top 24 worst placing top 64 mlg. I just posted a new thread here, check us out.

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