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Official Beyond Halo 3 Customs/MLG List

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I'm sure im in this thread somewhere but


add me for FFA's, Octagons, 4v4 Customs, etc.


gamertag:  vvakKey

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We already have one in the OP, that's for this exact purpose Beyond H3 1


60 spots taken so far 40 left



I understand but that will only be people that visit TeamBeyond. I have done the other one specifically with the goal of getting either people I've met through tournaments or other stuff to get back into it and find team mates. Not everyone visits this website, sadly. 

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Updated OP with all of the gamertags again!


Also, if you only post your gamertag and not what you want to be added to I'm going to add you to both list. Hope that is okay <3 

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Add me for MLG matchmaking or MLG custom variants.


Mature/Good players only.








P.S. I also forgot to mention, I've made an extra "customs list" just for Halo. So feel free to add that if the above lists are full. This account will be checked regularly to see if all players are usually on Halo. If you never join when invited and or never playing Halo, then most likely you will be taken off so that I can put players that really want to play Halo only.






GT: aHaloMLGCustoms


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GT: FLYERS Commonly.

Have played Europeans literally 9/10 games I just played. 

Please be from the US/Canada.


(No disrespect to the Europeans, but your connection just makes me want to cut myself.)

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