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Official Beyond Halo 3 Customs/MLG List

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You can also hit me up on twitter @TnAPhilosopher if i'm not online and chances are ill get on to play. I'm home and free everyday all day.


edit: Don't got room on my list so you'll just have to send me invites or msg me on twitter everyone, Thanks!

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I play H4 on my original account: vvakKe


If I'm on Halo 3 I'll be on vvakKey


add either or both

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i Faithh i


Customs only because im still pretty much a noob and tryin to learn shit. If you invite me and i suck...im sorry.  :ghost:

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Now this is what I was looking for.


Add me for both or whatever.


Gamertag: FLuFFy Da BeasT

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