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Players in Pennsylvania

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Lancaster (Ephrata)

Hey man I have a t03 from the philadelphia area, hmu online GohanTheSaiyan

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I know I posted earlier in this thread but, I'd love to hear from some other players in south eastern PA (Philadelphia and surrounding areas).





Yea I live in Reading PA south east PA not far from philly or harrisburg. Gt Br2crispy

I go hard love to be pro

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Looking for dedicated local Halo 5 players who want to be on an esports team. You must know your way around the game, I perfer you to be 18 or older. Please contact me on my GT: Reject Flaws.



-Must have played Gamebattles or any ladders website

-Onyx 1600 or higher

-Must know map callouts, strats, map positioning, and have awareness.




-Indiana, PA

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So i'm new to this site but was directed by someone to come here for top tier players. I am the captain of the sponsored team digital and i'm looking for 3 more solid players to join me in the quest to make into the pro league. I had a team before but our teamwork just wasn't there and our 4th wasn't improving fast enough so now I must rebuild. We only have 17 days before the online qualifier for the pro league so we must start grinding ASAP. If you are interested please comment and or message my GT Ykroc Hcs

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I'm from Allentown, PA. Just started playing last week got onyx arena grinding by myself. I am a fast learner and with good players and good knowledge I can be a beast. I already know a lot of nerdy stuff about the game as well. My GT is NicK 1765 give it a thought

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I am recruiting players for a Philadelphia LAN team currently. PBL holds LAN's in Microsoft Stores across the country and online matches as well. Players should be within 1 hour of Philadelphia and able to travel to select events at the Microsoft Store in the King of Prussia Mall in the very near future. In the mean time, the recruiting process will be underway. 


If interested contact me on here or Twitter @pdidddddy.



Follow @PBLHalo on twitter for info on streams, scrims, and more!

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