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Redeem the Destiny GamesCom Codes!

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At GamesCom, Cologne we received various Destiny trading cards for completing certain tasks.
I managed to aquire all of them and would like to distribute them for us all to enjoy :)
I know many people already got these, but im sticking them up here because you can redeem them now.
  • Warlock: YKA-RJG-MH9

  • Hunter: 3DA-P4X-F6A

  • Titan: MVD-4N3-NKH

  • Rixis, Archon Slayer: TCN-HCD-TGY

  • Old Russia: HDX-ALM-V4K


(Also note that every GamesCom card has the same code, it's meant to be shared with each other).
Here's what DeeJ has to say about this matter:


Welcome to Bungie.net. Congratulations on your exotic loot.The trading cards that we've been passing out at live events are yours to keep, but feel free to share the code with friends - or even total strangers. They will give you access to something small and fun in the future. It’s not live yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from spreading the love.While you wait, check out our awesome website, register a Destiny account if you haven’t already, and share your winning personality with the rest of the community.Check back from time to time, and see if it's time to claim your rewards.




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Thanks man! Now I just need those cards  :kappa:

i could theoretically ship the 3 guardian cards to you :P i have them twice

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