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D.C. eSports Halo4/CoD 2v2 Tournament TODAY(9/28)

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D.C. eSports (formerly DC Halo) is having a 2v2 tournament today starting at 1pm at eStarland in Chantilly VA. Details for the event are on their facebook page in the link below




Team Listings

Call of Duty Black Ops 2:

1.) Slayery - Neemr/KHamZz

2.) Panda Squad - Masoor/Holy Haas

3.) Real Talk - Flash/Pepper

4.) WarZone CoD - Monster/CreepyTrash

5.) MAD - IDBETYOURMAD/Twisted Courage

6.) We'd Rather Be Editing - dino pillow/Slixk

7.) Bump & Grind - Treplexity/XGN Johnny

8.) NoVa - DelusionS/AboutThatLifee


Halo 4:

1.) A Couple of Chinks in the Chain - Babycakes/Trongavitus

2.) DVDA - Alphanumeric/Fornicus

3.) Flashimal - Flash/Lanimal

4.) WarZone - Monster/CreepyTrash

5.) Madd Money - II K MADD II/PM0neyyy

6.) Havoc - Zadias/vA Pierson

7.) Halogod is Black? - Riot Shock/BlackHaloGod

8.) Walls/Hyre - TWalls01/Froggoflayhee


Follow the stream at http://www.twitch.tv/dchalo and support this upcoming local LAN event holder. Thanks!


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Riot Shock not doing Halo 2s with Monster? Ohnoessssss.


Gunning for dinopillow slixk combo for CoD 2s though. I'm there in spirit to giggle at whoever's wearing the Reality Check jersey.

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