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Hey everyone! I'm Yahtzee

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Hey! I'm Yahtzee. I've just recently gotten into competitive gaming. My team, #TeamClutch, will be attending AGL Knoxville for our first event. We've been a team for about 3 months now. 

I've played Halo since Halo 2, but only recently have I started playing competitively. I regularly Forge maps, as well as play. I'll be streaming and doing gameplay commentaries very soon, so look for those on YouTube in the future. My Twitter handle is @Yahtzee_Halo. Hit me up sometime! 

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Welcome to Beyond Forums Yahtzee! Glad you'll be entering AGL Knoxville!
Hope to see you on stream, be a winner! :) Haha

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think i just played you in dubs??? you went like 20-18 and your partner did awful haha, best wishes, good luck, and welcome!

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I like the name and wish you the best of luck at AGL!

See you around...


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Hey guys! Thanks for all the kind words. My team finished 49th at AGL. Not what we were hoping for, but we had a blast. We have a roster change coming up that is sure to bring a higher place.

ANYWAY! I will start streaming about a week-2 weeks. (As soon as my capture card gets here, and my head set gets back from being repaired) I'll be live streaming Halo mostly, maybe even a little Minecraft, if I feel froggy. I'll be doing YouTube videos on multiple topics (tweet me if you have a suggestion) and a web show similar to Gandhis Thoughts. The web show is currently un-named, so I am taking suggestions for that as well. (again, tweet me) I Forge as well, and have thought about doing custom 8's with random viewers on Forge maps. I want to get as much content in the community as possible, and give people in the Halo community something to do.


But yeah, that's it.

Here's my Twitter-https://twitter.com/Yahtzee_Halo

Here's my Twitch-http://www.twitch.tv/yahtzee_halo

Here's my YouTube-http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowtB9qPrH1PNKdqn9P9wBA?feature=guide




I'm looking forward to having content very soon.

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