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Casual to competitive videos? Bringing new life to our community.

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Hey all,


     As most people know, the majority of the Halo playlist population leans heavily on the Infinity and Big Team Battle playlists. It's no secret that population has declined+ severely over the past couple of months and for the competitive aspect of this game, bringing new faces into the scene may be essential at this point. On a daily average, its very common to see 500 or even less people in the Throwdown/Legendary playlist and more than double that amount in the previously mentioned playlists. For the competitive community, why not try to get the pros/personalities involved in a "Casual to Competitive" video series?

     I feel there are a lot of "casual/competitive" players always lurking around the forums, podcasts, playlists etc and not having a clue of what direction they need to take in order to make the conversion to a so to speak "competitive" player. How little videos/content is out there ( or atleast recent content) currently? There are very few people willing to teach and coach players in order to sculpt them into a finely tuned competitive player and the contest negativity that some players bring upon the casuals when attempting to go into the competitive playlist is appalling; not only that, but it seems to drive a lot of casual players away from the competitive community. When in all honesty, the casual seem to really keep this game alive, and it can be spoken for with the playlist population numbers. Not to say that this game is "dead" by any means, because that would be far from true. It is very clear that the Halo franchise has had a very strong impact on esports and has a very loyal and wide fan base and from the recent Halo Global Championship it is clear that the competition and love for this game still stands.

    So to wrap this up, why not attempt to bring casuals into our community with open arms and understanding that everybody has to learn and start from the beginning at some point instead of negativity, why not try and bring some new life to this community and teach those willing to learn how to become a strong player by video content and lessons on how to make the switch into the competitive scene?

     Clearly there are people that still care about this game/community such as Ghost, Gandhi, Saucey etc that are releasing content and info on a daily basis trying their all to keep it alive and provide whats necessary to the Halo people. However it doesn't just take the personalities and pros to keep things moving; the casuals and "no name" competitors are what really keep this game active and going. Without casual players, there would be no fan base and would be no Halo. So why not teach your skills to others in desire to learn? So please, help others learn and make content whether you're a pro or not it doesn't matter. Video lessons and threads go a long way and can bring new life to the community in a big way. Just remember, we were all in a casual players shoes at one point and everybody needs guidance, so make it known that we are here to help and teach others to learn and are welcoming new players no matter what their skill level may be. Retweet, bump, etc. Help us ALL out!

                                                                                                                                                                                   - Tstemp

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Some people simply lost interest after Halo4... and i can understand them. There is no need to waste time into something that wont bring people back.

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Hey bro!

First, Lots of people are disappointed what 343 has done with Halo, therefore they use Halo 4/343 as an excuse to not make content about Halo. Like Machinimas, News, Tutorials, etc. In the other hand, people use Halo for their own interest while crushing devs identity and not making useful content for the community (Aka: making 6 videos about Halo's 5 official name/title while bashing on them because of not puting Halo 5 in E3) Now, the bast minority makes quite good content in which the community enjoys while it is any Halo. For example, lots of people enjoy aPK and Clicked's VERSUS in Halo 4. Halo 4 and 343 is not an excuse to not make content, there's tons of way to make content which helps the community and is not boring. (I'll get to the point in a second)

Finally, people who tries to make good content, either casual or competitive content.. is not a good video. I might not be the best Youtuber in the world, but I've seen tons of people who tries to do a useful video but fails because of experience with the programs they have, experience with the game itself, or experience in the several perspectives that are around in the community.

Point: What I'm trying to say is that lots of people uses Halo in several ways, and the few people who make good useful content towards the community (both Casual and Competitive) is a quite minority. The few people/channels who makes good videos m(most of the time) are the ones with a higher subscribers number. ALSO, there are people who makes good content but don't have the publicity or attention necessary to go big. There might be hundreds of people making good content but we might never know. I'm a random, who likes to play competitive most of the time (and relax with random custom games). I've tried to teach people tricks, tips, suggestions, and most of the time teach them a more competitive side in Halo. (Pushing Reach kids towards a more competitive Halo) I really liked your thread, but in my personal experience is not easy to someone random make a video teaching how to use a sniper or how to think competitively (for example) and have people watch it while they can watch other videos/stuff. Is not impossible but at the same time is not easy.

Either way, I encourage people to try their best. I'm a random and I'm doing ok in Youtube, helping lots of people with questions, and most of the time doing awesome content for the Spanish community. If a random like me can do it, anyone can do it :P


  - Tstemp

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