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Players in DMV (D.C, Maryland, Virginia)

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GT: USAstro


TEAM OF 3 LOOKING FOR ONE MORE. 2 of US are from MD. - Commited to ONLINE + LAN Events around the US.





USAstro, if you are still looking for a fourth, let me know, especially if these LANs include money.

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Been playing halo since halo 2.


Halo 5 Champ

Arena Champ 4

FFA Champ 75

Breakout champ 65


Gamertag : SH0TZ FLR3D

It's a zero

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I'm in Northern Virginia looking for some serious Halo 5 players for lans or online customs and MM!


Hit me up if you wanna run!


GT: Jroppa

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Bumping this thread to see if anyone in VA is active here. Live in Richmond.


Xbl- RVA Encore

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Looking for people in MD/VA for halo 3 backwards compatible and halo 6 when it comes out, I'm a retired MlG pro coming out of retirement. Need 2 experienced players both in 3 and 5


GT; icce

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East Coast Players.

Gamertag : sh0tz FLr3d ( its a zero )

Looking to start a team

Going to Events 21+

Champ 4 FFA

Champ 114 HCS

Doubles Champ 92

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