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[PKMN Black 2] Game Completion Progress Before X and Y [Working on Dre

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I just got a blue 3ds xl and pokemon black 2 a few days ago. I stopped playing after diamond because that generation was lacking. Been playing casually since red (I was really little). Looking to get a dream time of mine going before I get X or Y. Give me improvements/suggestions? Trade me a mew?
If you have any tips or suggestions please let me know. I don't know much about IV's EV's and I don't expect to use them for this team on my first few playthroughs. Who should take the open spot? What movesets should I use? What should I do for Mew's moveset? Flygon? Absol?





Current Team Details


Samurott L42
-Water Pulse
-Razor Shell
Arcanine L45
-Flare Blitz
Flygon L45
-Rock Slide
Absol L37




Dream Team Details

-Ice Beam (TM13)
-Surf (HM03)
-Aerial Ace (TM40)
-Megahorn (MR)
-Crunch (39)
-Flare Blitz (45)
-Extremespeed (MR)
-Thunder Fang (MR)
-Earthquake (MR)
-Dragon Claw (55)
-Stone Edge/Rock Slide (25)
-U-Turn (TM89)
-Night Slash (41) -Sucker Punch (52)
-Psycho Cut (49)
-Ice Beam (TM13)
-Thuderbolt (TM24)
Open Spot




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I remember when there was only 150 pokemon. How many are there now?



but yea I'm not too sure. That's when I used to play and I just kinda got back into it. I think there's 400+. Not sure though.

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+Rep for having Flygon and Absol on your team. Two of my favorites

Caught Absol about 2 hrs ago and haven't used it yet. They are both my favorites too :) Not sure if I can get a mew or what my 6th will be though. Maybe an electric type. I'll get an alakazam if I can't get a mew.

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I'd get a fighting type to fill the last slot since the second Elite 4 is Dark type and you have no fighting type moves on your current dream team. U-turn alone isn't gonna cut it against Scrafty, Krookodile and Bisharp (which he uses).


I would run Grass Knot over Aerial Ace on Samurott, mostly for the 8th Gym Leader who uses water types. 


As much as I like Absol, his move pool is very limited. Pshcho Cut and Night Slash are very good choices being physical attacks that synergize with his high base Attack and Super Luck Ability, although giving you very limited type coverage. While BoltBeam give you great type coverage, your special attack is outclassed tremendously by your attack. You're better off running X-Scissor, Rock Slide/Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Hone Claws/ Swords Dance, or getting Superpower. Again, its just a casual play-through though, so its not all that serious, everything else looks fine if you can get a Mew. If not you'll prolly need an HM/TM slave as your last poke.

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Dont be overwhelmed:




I would suggest not giving a crap about EVs/IVs at all. It's long and tedious to train (there's a good way for physical attackers though), but it pays off supernaturally (I've outspeed an Accelgor (145 speed) with a starmie (115 speed)). It's seriously broken at times.


I say just live and let live. However, there's nothing wrong with looking for good natures on pokemon.


@Samurott: Aerial Ace isn't necessary. I would use a heart scale and get back Aqua Jet.


Minor spoiler:



The pokemon champion has a flying rock bird that will give you hell if you don't use aqua jet or sucker punch on it. In terms of base stats, it's faster than all your pokemon and is very powerful in general. However, if its HP is below half, then its power halves too. That will be key. Otherwise chances are high that you'll be able to tank it and hit back with surf. Opposing pokemon lack EVs.



@Arcanine: Thunder Fang -> Wild Charge (Victory Road TM), but this is personal preference.


*If you add an electric type to your team (or if you get mew), you could use Fire Blast if you want. Arcanine's Sp. Att is good enough for you to use that against anything you know has terrible special defense. There's honestly not that much stress with covering weaknesses in this game.


@Absol: I have not used this in-game, although I've wanted to, but this is what I suggest:


-Swords Dance / Fire Blast

-Night Slash

-Sucker Punch

-SuperPower / Psychocut (SuperPower recommended, but it's an expensive tutor move)


*Use swords dance on things that can't really touch you, Night Slash if you know you're faster (vs. bulky psychics), Sucker Punch if you know you're slower and likely can't take a hit (can be used for simple revenge-killing too).


*Fire Blast is the only special attack worth considering on Absol (given its improved movepool from Gen 3). It has high power and can help you get past steel types (especially if you don't have Superpower)


@Flygon: -


@Mew: Whatever TMs you want for it honestly. The 3 recommended are Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam. Then filler.


*If you can't get a mew, Metagross would be an interesting replacement, but Metang is found rather late. On the bright side, it is on the way, and heart scales will suit him up quickly.


*Alakazam will do shit tons too, but it's another pokemon you'd have to get by trading.


*Grumpig with Psychic/ShadowBall/Thunderbolt/Thunder Wave would be an alright decision too.




Regarding your final teammate, I seriously recommend a fighting type. Two that come to mind are Sawk or Mienshao (pre-evo is Mienfoo). They are somewhere in the last route before entering Victory Road (Route 23), so they are on your way. The only problem here is EV training.


But here are some basic movesets:


Sawk (I recommend the ability "sturdy")


-Close Combat (an absolute staple)

-Ice Punch (free tutor if you didn't use your red shards) or Rock Slide (or both if you want)

-Bulk Up



*Bulk up requires a heart scale, but it can be useful. You could use brick break as an additional [safer] fighting move too, but that also costs a heart scale. You could use the TM payback to hit ghost/psychic types if you want him to help there.




Mienshao (regenerator ability)


-Jump Kick -> Hi Jump Kick (lv 56) (again, a STAPLE)

-Bounce / Acrobatics (Skyla TM, remember not to hold an item for this)

-Fake Out / Drain Punch

-U-turn (happens to know naturally!)


*Fake Out requires a heart scale, but it's nice for extra damage in case [Hi] Jump Kick would come up short. But if you don't want that, then Drain Punch is good too. It will know Drain Punch already if you catch it as a Mienfoo.


Either works because they both show no mercy. The main issue is the whole business with EV training. They can still fight okay for the 1st round through the E4 w/o EV's though if you're careful with them.




Hope this helps!


source: Been playing pokemon since forever. Also, I'm very excited about XY


btw, props to using arcanine. He is my absolute favorite.

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