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Community Funded Prize Pool


26 members have voted

  1. 1. Pay for in-game items for halo 4 with a portion going to a prize pool

    • Yes
    • No
    • Depends on what you get
  2. 2. AGL Donations (All money would go directly to the prize pool)

    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. If you answered yes to the above ^^^^ How much would you donate?

    • 0-$5
    • 6- $10
    • 11- $15
    • $16+

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It depends on the tournament, if I can donate for a tournament such as AGL or UMG, I would pay more than 50$. But... I live in the other side of the world with no paypal account. So it would be nice that if there's any new fun project, we can have lots of time.

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Really the size of my donation would be reflective of whether or not top teams are attending, and if they're taking the game seriously. On top of that, I'd expect AGL to be even more prompt and fluid with how their tournaments are being ran, seeing as how the community would be providing extra funds. Less strain on them financially to provide a prize pool means they could employ more people to run the event. That being said, I'd gladly donate to help make for a better viewer experience for a few events a year.

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It's hard for me to become invested in today's tournaments just because I miss the old pros. 

I'd love to see St8, Final Boss, Carbon, Triggers Down, etc. 

More importantly, I'd love to see Tsquared, Walshy, and the rest. 

To me watching Halo was more about watching the personalities and the teams. Right now it's like watching LoL without TSM or CLG. It just isn't as interesting. 

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I'd buy a weapon skin or armor permutation for like 1-5 dollars if at least some % of it went to funding the prize pool of a tourney. Of course the item would have to be worth the price, like Hyabausa armor in H4. Although I don't give a fuck about aesthetics, if its to support a tournament, then I would buy it.

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