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Players in California

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Name: Abe

Gamertag: Bakuso

Games Played: alot but i fuck with Halo the most

Area in California: Sacramento

Future Gaming Plans: Going pro

I like your future gaming plan same as mine. i dont have a team atm but im looking for players that can win. if you are down add me Gamer tag_ Alluminair

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Looking for players in California (or at least the pacific time zone) who would be interested in putting a competitive team together.

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Have To2, add me (iKronicals) or my brother (DylHemp) if you want to play. Trying to get a team for Santa Ana tourney on April 23rd

Halo 5 4v4 Double Elimination Tournament
Saturday, April 23rd 2016
$1000 Prize Pool + $25 Per Team Member
$100 Team Pass & Free for Spectators
Downtown Santa Ana at the eSports Arena
120 W. 5th St. Santa Ana, CA 92701
Buy your team pass here for $25 ($75 is needed at check-in)

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Yo I'm local here in Cali. Gf lives in Irvine and need a team asap! Onyx in every playlist on the past seasons. Onyx in arena and slayer for April season! Shoot me a text since il be making a new account for a fresh start 818 398 6601

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Name: Rafael

Gamertag: aShutdown

Games Played: Halo 1-5

Area in California: Santa Ana (Southern California)


Im just trying to start looking for players in the halo local scene in Cali to go to Local/Events in the near future so if you want to add me go right ahead im always down to game H5.

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Gamertag: DAVEZ1LLA

Games Played: Halo 5

Area in California: San Luis Obispo

Future Gaming Plans: Local events, online. 


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Name: Eric C

Gamertag: Shifteezy

Games Played: H3-H5

Area in California: Central Valley

Future Gaming Plans: Compete online and Various open bracket lans

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GT: Spydaaaaa


Game: Halo 5


Area: Sacramento


Add me for customs/matchmaking. Currently a F/A looking for team

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Hey guys! So Esportsarena is holding another LAN! Message me on twitter (DMs are open) if you are looking to come, I have a group chat specifically for team finding.


Address: 120 W 5th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Date: June 18

Time: FFA: 10 am, 4V4: 1 pm

Cost: FFA: $10, 4V4: Team pass is $160

My twitter: @jk_whosoever

Their twitter: @esportsarena

Prize pool: $3000... 1st- 2000, 2nd- 1000


Oh and, Frosty, Commonly, and Str8 Sick will be there, so it'd be a great way to hang out, learn new things, and have fun.

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Looking for Christian gamers in California who would like to become a member in a new esports organization: BitWar Gaming

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Hey, everyone!


After taking a break in July, we're back on August 7th with more Halo 5: Guardians action in Microsoft stores across the country! Peep the locales below:

Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Santa Clara, CA
Los Angeles, CA Century City
Houston, TX
Minneapolis, MN
Austin, TX
Columbus, OH
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA
White Plains, NY


The action will be on all day! If you're interested, grab your friends, let us know, join us for good times at your local Microsoft store, and be sure to follow @PBLHalo on twitter for info on streams, scrims, and more!



Facebook Post

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Name:Steven Campbell

Gamertag:Th3 Vexus

Games Played:Halo 5 halo 4 halo 3 halo reach h2a

Area in California:Moreno Valley

Future Gaming Plans:Improve in my skill by working with teammates that want to win learn from mistakes and make friends 

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Name: Josh

GT: Chromeo

Games Played: Online? H2-H5

Area: San Diego

Future Gaming Plans: Attend Oct 7th Santa Ana LAN

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Name: Kirk

Gamertag: SuperDuperKirk

Games Played: Halo CE, 2, 3, and 5, GoW, WoW

Arean in California: Central Valley

Future Gaming Plans: If the right team comes along, I hope to return to the competitive scene. Have fun, attend LAN events... etc.

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Name: Devin

Age: 23

GT: Ronin SE

Games Played: H2, H3, HR, H5

Area: San Diego

Future Gaming Plans: F/A looking for a team for online or Orange County events. Feel free to add me if you are from CA

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