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Hey guys if you are rely interested in Lanning in CA stay in contact with me on twitter: @Gunplex_


Imy going to try to organize some Lans and get to know everyone better. hit me up on twitter and let me know you're from CA and say what's up

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Name: Dom

Gamertag: Easy Wins

Games: Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo MCC

Area in California: Bay Area, Northern California

Future Gaming Plans: Competitive Online, Events, a Fun team to play with.

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Name: Anthony

Gamertag: Polyick

Games Played: H2, H3, H4, Halo Reach, and H2A

Area in California: Bakersfield

Future Gaming Plans: Compete at events and become pro.

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Name: Cody


Games played: Halo 1-4 and Reach

Location: Southern California

Future Gaming Desires: I am looking for high schoolers who love to play Halo and would like to practice so we can be the best we can be and compete in tournaments. I don't care about your experience in the competitive scene because I have none either (However, more is better). As long as you are willing to work to get better, than message me up and lets start winning some tournaments

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Name: Zack

Gamertag: LD50 II (that is two i's)

Games played: Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4, Halo MCC

Location: Northern California, Tracy/Livermore area, can/will travel to Bay Area

Future Gaming Desires: Meet like minded Halo players that want to become better and/or become pro. I'd like to compete in events and tournaments. 

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Hello, I am Owner of Elusive Mentality, a partial funded eSports Organization. We have decided we will be bringing on a second Halo team. We are looking for players in the northern California area to travel to events in Halo 5 and possibly spend a few nights a month grinding Halo in the same house. Please be serious about going pro. I will leave my contact information below


Twitter: Twitter.com/ESM_CRiTiC


Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Facebook.com/CraysterMLG


Gamer Tag: TheCRiTiCShow

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Gamertag: SlVlOG. (Spelt S-L-V-L-O-G)

Games Played: Halo 1, 2, and 3.

Area in California: Northern California, Bay Area, Santa Rosa

Future Gaming Plans: Lan Halo 1, possibly play Halo 5.

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Name: Tommy

Gamertag: Lamodex

Games played: Every Halo for about 10 years

Area in California: Small city called Indio

Future Gaming Plans: Halo Events; Pursuit of professional gaming career.

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Name: Nathan

Gamertag: Steady Might

Games Played: Halo ce, halo 2, halo 3, halo odst, halo reach, halo wars, halo 4

Area in California: LA

Future gaming plans: competitive

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Name: Zacharie Jeandemange

Gamertag: Mxriderzz

Games Played: All Halos, LoL, HoTs, VG, WoW, many others

Area in California: LA

Future Gaming Plans: Play in LANs/Tournaments

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Gamertag: iMrSureShotL

Games played: CE, H2 sometimes H3 and H2A. Also played CoD

Area in Caliofrnia: Humboldt County

Future gaming plans: None, I play for fun.

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Games Played:

Been Playing Halo since CE non-stop

Area in California:

Northern California, Sacramento, Bay Area, Im mobile.

Future Gaming Plans:

Play Halo

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Name: Louie

Games played: H2, H3, H4, HReach, H5 Beta, BO1, BO2, BO3 Beta, etc.

Gamertag: LAWJK

Area in California: Bay Area, Gilroy

Future Gaming Plans: Play competitive, make more Youtube montages, go to my first local LAN event(s), tournaments.

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Name: Carter

GT: Schmazy

Location: Monterey Bay area

Games Played: All Halos

Looking for like minded players who want to hear better and want to win.

Future: Play Halo 5 and compete in events

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Played 8 years solid since h2 been to many lans and tourneys with players on all levels of skill..highest notable semi recent achievments 09 h3 top 48 and 2014 dec Hcs cup lost to CLG(Ogre 2s team) for top 16..attempting to get back in it..only interested in quality games and players not trying to sound dickish i just want to make good use of my time as im not a youngster anymore and i have responsibilities as im sure many of you guys have aswell. Anyways add me msg me whatever im about networking maybe even puting together the next upcoming team. Im from the bay area currently residing in oakland


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Hey Guys im back playing for Halo 5, i played alot of H2 AND H3 and have been to 5 events looking for a group of competitve players to lan with and get to know personally. If there is any lan centers in south california can you guys let me know. If i get a solid group of people that live around me i own my on apartment and am willing to have LAN's at my house once a week. Would be cool to meet some solid dudes that like to game and chill.


message me btw




prior gt was


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GT: IPhamusI

Games Played: All Halos! Looking to blow up in Halo 5!

Area In California: Los Angeles! (Southern Cali)

Future Gaming Plans: Attend some LAN events for Halo 5 and compete as much as I can!

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Name: James

Gamertag: SexyBeastIndeed

Games Played:Halo&CoD

Area in California: Southern California, San Diego:North County:Oceanside

Future Gaming Plans: Wanting to make some money and go to some local events

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GT: iBrixxx

Games Played: Mainly H3, Reach, H2A, some H2/CE, avoided H4 after like a month.

Area In California: Central Valley/East Bay (Tracy)

Future Gaming Plans: HCS Cups/Online/LANs/LAN Events

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Name: Austin

Gamertag: Alluminair

Games played: H2,H3,Reach,H4,h5

Area in California: southern California

Future Gaming Plans: Compete in tournaments, get our team known. LF> skilled players

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