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Players in California

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Name: Karlo

Age: 20


Games Played: H1-H5

Area: Riverside

Future Gaming Plans: Would like to get into competitive scene. LFT for Santa Ana LAN

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Hey Cali!


I am coming down to play in the FFA for the HCS Open Circuit event weekend of October 8th (halo.gg)


I am a FA if anyone is looking to pick someone up (top rank Champ 32 Slayer) 


I am flying into LA and hoping to carpool down to the event and carpool back on Sunday if anyone is keen!




James Fury (gamertag)

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lets get some games in.

Hey there I am part of an esports organization "BitWar Gaming". We are a Christian esports org focusing primarily on Halo at the moment. We have a few openings on our west coast team; let me know if you would be interested in trying out. We are looking to set rosters by this weekend as the HCS is upon us. Our west coast teams are for folks in the MST and PST time zones. Last season we placed top 32 the last three events, with #17 in the last open circuit.

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Looking to get picked up by a team tag name is datsik MLG original tag is Xxcrack209xX I am only useing datsik MLG for competing feel free to add both or send messages to both will answer to both thanks!

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SCES Dreams

Socal orange county h2 h3 reach and h5

Tons of prior event exp. Champ ranking in almost every playlist

Currently a FA for any and all events HCS and local events. Always down to run games with good players hit me up online I play almost every night all night. I'm dedicated to competing let's make halo great again

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Name: Jovany

Gamertag: Sweetlubie

Games Played: Halo5

Area in California: Los Angeles; South Bay area

Future Gaming Plans: Hope for LAN tourneys; see where I can go from there.

Tired of playing constants games with people with  mics but lack the ability to actually talk.


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Best Coast LAN! Hosted by @NorCalHalo! Lemoore CA! 3 day Halo 5/3 LAN party. January 12th-14th 2018! $30 a person. Message me on here or twitter @LD50_II

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any players in the west coast area looking to play? I would like to get where we can do competitions online. i do have a full time job so evenings is when i can play


hit me up GT-ForLater

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There's a Halo 3 2v2 Tourney in Anaheim. It's at a bar so you have to be 21 or older.  IF anyone wants to hit up a bar with me and play some competitive H3 - GT ImLighthouse7 

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