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Zejik - F/A for AGL Events, and PGL Team/Doubles

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Hey everyone! My name is Zejik! I have been around the block since Halo CE, I have competed in multiple Halo 2 Lan's here in Nebraska, back in the day. Some bad things happened around when Halo 3 released. So I didn't have the chance to try, and compete in it. Now I am looking for a Team for Halo 4. I wanna get back in the competitive scene.  


I am a very good player. I don't communicate a lot. But when I do it's the important thing's you wanna hear. That's just who I am as a player. Quiet, but deadly. Ready to win no matter what. Also I know I am not without my faults. Every player has things they have to work on. I'm not afraid to admit my problems. So yea that's it for that. I have no problem Traveling to events. Also would like to find a good team for PGL match's, and Tourneys.  


If you need to contact me. This is how you can.


GT - Zejik


Twitter @ Zejik




Thanks Everyone! 



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I feel we could mesh well together, hit me up..we'll run


Obey Enemy

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