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Hey there Forum,

I'm Splitter a new member here on the Forums. I've been playing Halo since the beginning and I will until the end. It's a series I've always enjoyed playing and a community that Is better than any other video game community out there in my opinion. I got into playing Halo Competitively during the beginning of Halo: Reach which I know is a little late for some but for me it made playing Halo so much more fun. Over a year ago I enlisted with The Dropshock Brigade a competitive Halo clan and ever since then I've been playing custom 4v4s and competitive matchmaking playlists. I'm looking to better myself as a player so I'm always looking for a good custom game or just ways I can help improve my game.

Unfortunately, due to college classes, work, and other responsibilities I have been off my competitive game but I look to return to it and see just how good I can get. Besides Halo I am a Graphic Designer and have experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and some Dreamweaver. So, if you're an artist yourself I am always up for some Design discussions. But that's really everything about myself if you want to play some Halo send a friend request to DSB Splitter or if you're looking for a competitive community check out The Dropshock Brigade.  http://dropshock.net/news.php


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