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New forge map?

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Have you posted a new forge map?




Sometimes I find it hard flicking through the forge forums looking at the dates and times on every post looking for new forge maps that have been posted. So I thought of making this post for everyone to visit/post if they have created or looking for a new map ready for the public.


This may sound pointless to any of you guys but I thought it may help. Admins are more than welcome to remove this post from the forums if they see fit and dont see any need in this post.


Forge strong!! :D

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To be honest this is what the map list topics are for. I don't think Redemption is updating it since he "retired". Once we get new mods though I do expect a person to look over the forge forum and edit that same topic he made.


Also on topic, I have made a new forge map as some of you have seen. I might be working with someone on another map soon.

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