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League of Legends Thread

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if anybody uses draftkings, i just got an email from them saying they started an esports section with bunch of LoL tournaments to bet on and draft players. thats pretty cool.

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This guy was happy about his ARAM wins. He had 1900+ wins in ARAM. All I said was, I'm sorry. 


y u h8n bruh

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Took a well needed break from this game.


I think it's time for the king to return to the d5 gates.


ever need a duo hmu. I'm stuck in plat 2

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If CLG makes it out of groups, TSM doesn't win a single game, and LGD wins I'll be happy.


Inb4 TSM makes it out of groups. I can dream right?

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Bad Pickban from LGD there,  China And Korea doesn't seem nearly as dominate as most of the "analysts"  predicted coming into this.


KT vs TSM was a shitshow as well, KT was outclassed in Macro play, but TSM played like TSM having a weird P/B then starving out an Olaf on your own team, then terrible communication throughout the game.


As it stands, It looks like OG and LGD make it out of group D, But at the moment out of all the groups I'd say that this group has the highest chance of variance since 3/4 teams have shown a very poor performance of themselves today.


Now we get group C and another two stomps....


Wonder how group A going to play out today, but it seems like as predicted all the excitement is in B and D




5mins in and Games already over BKT vs SKT. Guess S > B

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