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Maps you never want to play on again

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Since the pit is bisected by a giant wall, it made getting power weapons (which spawned every 2-3 minutes), sitting on your half of the maps and waiting for your opponents to push through the choke points a game winning strat. Not much skill to this strategy. Map design was much better when players were able to zone sections of a map as opposed to clustering together in one section/side and team shooting.


Standoffs are bad because they slow down the pace of the game, thus forgiving players with slower reaction times when they should be punished by a greater margin and lowering the skill gap.


The BR couldn't consistently cross map from snipe to snipe; I've actually seen pros like Chig say that they thought the BR was a 5sk at default because of its inconsistencies at such short ranges like this.


Maps designed like the pit and narrows has a lot to do with halo 3 and beyond being about linear aggression gameplay.


Yeaaaaaah it seems you know your shit, i'm gonna back down. Still disagree about the standoffs though haha :P always liked Abandon for that reason. Map control on that map is so interesting to watch, and the standoffs were exciting in my eyes, but guess they aren't for everyone

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It's not that watching standoffs isn't for everyone, but rather maps that promote standoffs lower the skill gap.


Some people prefer games with a lower skill gap, and would probably like standoffish gametypes. That's okay.


Someone like myself who is only concerned with competitive merit will never be a fan of that style of gameplay though.

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