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It might not look as 'snug', but if you were to raise them in the air more you could have them at alternating heights. One side would be the highest, one would be lower, then the two opposite ones will kinda be close to the middle but not even. You know, like how the stacks on Haven/Requiem Campaign look.


You could experiment with that too. My concern though is that the middle might feel barren. 


Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it.


Because, as of now, I think the only issue I'm having with the map is the diamond structure. Everything else is great if you ask me.


I've gotten feedback that told me to keep the diamond and I've gotten some that told me to remove it.


Personally, I'd like for it to stay because it looks so goddamn pretty, it sells the theme of the map, and it creates some interesting fights between top Blue and top Red.


But if they really are detriment to the gameplay of the map, I'll have no choice but to remove them.

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Map Update


- Raised the diamond. Players will no longer hit it while jumping from one bridge to the other at any angle.

- Minor aesthetic changes.

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Minor Update


- Cleaned up the killzones.

- Cleaned up Gold tunnel.

- Raised some of the Rock 3s in Red and Blue base.
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- Boltshot has been removed and replaced with the Assault Rifle.

- Railgun now has 0 spare clips.

- BRs removed.

- All the weapons except for the Railgun and Pulse Grenades spawn later on in the game.

- Soft kill roof added.
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