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Competitive Ricochet 4v4 Customs

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Hey everyone, since there has been a big hype about this new Ricochet playlist, I figured I would host some 4v4 COMPETITIVE (yet friendly - no trash talking) customs.


I have made variants of Pitfall, Haven, Onyx, and Simplex to support this gametype.


Also, I have made 2 versions of this Ricochet gametype. 


These gametypes are Throw and Non Throw. 


During the Throw version, you can "obviously" throw for points as well as RUN it in for points.


During the Run version, you can throw the ball, but cannot score points. (This is more like Assault without the De-Arming)


Each map listed above (Pitfall - Haven - Simplex - Onyx) are compatible with both Run and Throw versions.


Msg me on XBL for an invite!!!


Gamertag: Snaptix



Hope everyone can come try out these versions!!!


*All map variants were editted from Ghostayame's V4 map settings.

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