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1 hour ago, The Tyco said:

Muthafuckin' TOOL about to overtake Taylor Swift as the top selling album in the US. Reading some of the reactions from Swift fans has been hilarious. Fear Inoculum is excellent, and TOOL deserve this praise.

dont hit me with dat clickbait. it's weekly album sales lol. at first i was like wtf t swift and tool are even in the running? My friends are all big tool fans so it made me think I was wrong for thinking they weren't a big deal. Def one of the biggest names in their genre no doubt but it made me do a double take


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So I got to a 42 then I went back down to a 38 and just got my 40 back yesterday. Do any of you peeps still play or what? I need back up.

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Shotzzy is teaming with Huke, Crimsix, Illey, and Clayster for the new CoD in the franchise league. That team is disgusting. 

Frosty's team is pretty good too, Maux, Skyz, Havok, and Prestinni

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