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Ricochet is incredibly fun. I had very low hopes for it and was really only excited for the Pit in this recent DLC but after playing a few games of Ricochet with a full team, wow, it is awesome.


I don't know what the best option for us here is but I must have pro vs. pro teams competing in this with commentating. It would be ridiculously epic and intense. 


I'm not sure what options are best in all honesty but here are some I can think of:

1. Exhibition matches at future AGLs on Friday nights or Saturday mornings or something


2. Some type of money matches or small tourney again on Friday nights or something


3. Full integration into Throwdown and tournaments (with some tweaking)


Watch this video Ninja uploaded for reference and imagine Goldenboy and Ghandi casting it.




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I was also pleasantly surprised. I thought for sure that Richochet would be like, Grifball 2.0 - competitive in it's own right, but not fit for our definition of competitive, or even our definition of fun.


But honestly, even this initial version in the DLC playlist is enjoyable. I think it really is the only gametype between Grifball, Oddball, and Richochet that properly uses and justifies throwing of the ball. I also really like the level of detail they put into it, as far as the announcer and other audio effects. I hope that in Halo 5, they actually give all gametypes such a personalized feel.



However, I feel like the gametype is really map dependent. Almost exclusively so. It'll be interesting to see once the playlist comes out how the developer makes it work so we can use that as a foundation and improve off of it.

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Thanks for clip. I enjoyed that. 


I don't think it'll play as well on some of the other maps though, especially ones that don't work well with objectives. 

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