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Fear Clinic

Whats uuuuuuup?

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Hey guys, my name is Levi aka Fear Clinic. Some of you may know me from the Octagons I made when the game first came out, actually I just released a new Octagon map pack that can be viewed here.


I'm a Halo player and a Graphics Artist. I've designed many forum signatures in the past and I'm also the guy who created the Paragon logo and my own team's logo, Malice.


Watching competitive Halo back when I was younger immediately had me in love with the game. Halo 3 I played causally and it wasn't until Reach that I thought about competing myself, once Halo 4 was released I pushed myself to be a much better player.


As much as I love Halo's competitive slayer I have a guilty pleasure for SWAT, I not only adjusted the maps but created the gametypes for PGL SWAT. My real passion in Halo is Free For All.


My first event is most likely going to be AGL Indianapolis and chances are I will probably go to the next few events in Knoxville. I was also personally invited by HaloTracker to go to the H4 Global Championship and I'll be there if I find a sponsor soon.(fingers crossed)



Anyway thanks for reading this, hopefully you'll see a lot of content from me in the near future. 

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You seem to be a very talented graphics artist. That is one sexy signature.


Glad to have you here at BE.

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