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Harris Bro's Halo CE LAN + Stream

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The Harris bro's will be coming to you guys live, from new york, with a rather high caliber Halo CE Lan. The stream is up now, but they're having some sound issues.




A question usually comes up regarding who is the best Halo CE player or duo. The Ogre's are known for taking that vote, but the question usually continues towards: "Well if the Ogre's are the best, who has a chance at dethroning them?" If you asked that a couple years ago, the answer would have been patch + shade.


However, ask that question today and the Harris bro's seem to take that vote unanimously from within the Halo CE community.



You may not recognize any names, but if you play XBC or follow Halo CE somewhat actively, you'll know these are some very skilled players.













Enjoy guys! I won't be able to update or monitor this thread, but if you have any questions, ask! I'll be posting Halo CE Lans here as often as I hear about them.

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There are some rather big lans coming up still, including a week long LAN, but if you don't want to miss this stream if you're looking to pick up advanced tips.



Dr.Fun and Gazzo are partners usually, and the last thread I posted was from Gazzo's house. He's definitely underrated.

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