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This is it, the end of the road.

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Guys, you know as much as I do of what has happened to halo and in these dire times I still strived to do more for the forging community and to give you guys all hope. I am done with halo, its been a long time coming but the end is here. Not because of the frustration, but because I cannot help what has already been lost. I am due to have more work soon, moving to bigger and better things and I knew it was only a matter of time.


My list of accomplishments may not be much, but here it is:


-Two maps in matchmaking: Edifice and Imago

-Won two different forge contests

-Co-founded the Community Forge Lowdown

-Given feedback to thousands of maps and many of which that got into matchmaking 

-Featured over 50+ maps on the CFL show

-Helped with the Revolution movement

-Made more friends I could ever ask for


It breaks me to know it would come to this, me and my best friend practically grew up playing this game relentlessly. I wanted to save this game so desperately I gave up time on schoolwork just so I can get things back the way they were. I gave my all and while I'm proud of all I have done, I wish I could have done more.


Community Forge Lowdown will have a new Co-Host, the show will continue. I will still update each map list as I always do weekly, but I will not do anymore then that as I cannot play games anymore. I am 24 years old and have played this game since I was 14, 10 years I have played and days I will not regret. Halo had taken a wrong turn, and it may not come back. I, who have always had faith cannot continue to have faith as my life goes on and games do not.


Goodbye people, maybe one day you will see me again.

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Best of luck to you man, thanks for everything you've done for the forge community.

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Move this to GD mods, deserves more views.


Anyways, you've been a superb community member, and not enough credit has been given to you by the non forging portion of the community.


Good luck in whatever you do mate, I'l probably be making a similar thread pretty soon lol

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Sorry to hear this bud, you have always been a fun guy to run games with, but I know your pain and how you feel currently. Halo 4 just is not something that deserves the time most of us have invested in trying to make it a better game, I am very unsatisfied with everything about Halo 4 myself.


Honestly, I am happy to see and know the work you have put into helping others out, especially those involved in the Forge Community. I hope you do keep Forging atleast yourself, when you have a free moment from all that's going on in your life.


Hit me up if you ever need some help with something, and definitely keep in touch with all the friends you have made :).

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It's been a pleasure 'demption. I'll always be in your debt for all the things you've taught me about Forge. You've been a very helpful guide/mentor and I've learned a lot from you.


Best of luck to you and your future endeavors.

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