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Koffing and Weezing

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Note 1: @Mods: Please lock or delete the thread for Antagonist.


Note 2: Koffing and Weezing are the same map. Name after pokemon because I give no fuck anymore. Though of course, there's a chance I'll change the name prior to official release.



Hello folks!


This map you're about to see is a quake-styled room based map that I have pursued for a long time. It has an extensive forge history, as it began in the depths (I mean joys) of ZB Halo Reach. However, I have gone through major aesthetic changes as well as some crucial layout / weapon changes. To this day, it has made it to Forge Island, despite my hate for the palette, because the aesthetics were busy and created frame-rate on Impact. I am happy with how it turned out now; the map/weapon layout, the aesthetics, and the exhaustion of Meta.


I have two variants of this map. Koffing is set up for 2v2, and the evolved form Weezing is set up for 4v4. The variants are different in terms of the rocket launcher and the spawn system. 4v4 is currently a stretch, but I am hoping for it to become reality. Regardless, both variants should support Slayer and Extraction.


Weapon set:

  • Rocket Launcher (2v2 - 149s ; 0 clip ; Not at start / 4v4 - 149 or 179s ; 1 clip ; At start) spawns in gold
  • Sniper Rifle (119s ; 1 clip) spawns in blue. *Nade-able off its platform*
  • Concussion Rifle (89s ; 1 clip) spawns in green *Nade-able off its platform*
  • Shotgun (59s ; 0 Clip) spawns at very bottom towards purple.
  • Overshield (120s; Initial ordnance) spawns above Red window (unfortunately I don't have a screen for it)
  • Speed boost (90s; Initial Ordnance) spawns bottom blue ***Remember, it's camo for the cooler gametypes.***


And now, screenshots:



Main Atrium





Blue Room




Sniper spawns on the hoop. There are 3 ways to get it: 1) Jump from above, which Purple's tele can take you there. 2) Nade it down at a good angle. 3) At the beginning of the game, get your teammate to stay and jump off his head to get it.


Also, Speedboost currently spawns on a toilet.



Green Room




Credits to 'The Fated Fire' for the idea for an ocean/mountain view.



Gold Room




Rockets spawn before the Gold Meta



Red Room




OUTDATED SCREENSHOT: That railing has changed to a more normal railing that connects above red window. Tyrant was fed up (but not really) because the ring looked too much like a donut.



Lastly, Purple Hall




I agree, there's too much "white-on-white" going on with the window. Also, the pathway on the outside leads to the main teleporter.






Download Koffing vb

Download Weezing vb


That is the map everybody. I have put a lot of hard work into a design I became really passionate of (I mean, I used a palette I dreaded so much for the sake of the map's performance). I am undoubtedly open to feedback, whether the spawning is still a mess for 4v4, an area is overpowered, weapons don't spawn fast enough, etc. etc. Just let me know your thoughts on the map.


P.S.: I am considering a 1v1 version if the map shows potential for it. But when that happens, the names will be Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff, respectively.



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These look very interesting. Will definitely have to check these out.

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Also, Speedboost currently spawns on a toilet.


Can Spartans still get flushed down the toilet and get under the map?

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Forced me to plug in my Xbox.


Great improvement on the aesthetics, will see about the the other changes.

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Can Spartans still get flushed down the toilet and get under the map?


I haven't played a game since that last match we had, so it's probable.

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Will try get some dubs slayer going on this tomorrow

I'd be interested to play, shoot me an invite if you see me online.


Great map by the way, very appealing visually.

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Very fun and very elevated map. Almost reminds me of a Prisoner / Damnation esque map.

Thanks man!


This map is close to supporting 4v4; I'm thinking I have to get rid of the spawns in Red Hall, maybe adding a spawn above it.

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