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What "my" Halo 5 should be like.

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I don't usually do this but I feel the need to say something about what Halos' future needs to be like in my opinion.


What "my" Halo 5 should have:

1: Options- What I mean by this is to give the option to "enable or disable" almost everything.

         example: Sprint-on/off....so EVERYONE can be happy.

2: Descope- Needs be mandatory.

3: Maps- IMO Halo 2 maps were the greatest ever created. Is it hard just to add them into the mix with Halo 5.

4: Spectator mode- Black ops 2 spectator mode is flawless.343 should take notes.

5: Ranking system- Halo 2 again takes my vote in that. Once you reached the 40's you knew you were gonna get a run for your money in                

     every game.

6: Clans- Brings your friends together for an extremely fun time during clan matches.

7: Custom Controller options- Let me make my configurations the way I want it.

8: Developer Support for e-sports- MLG....nuff said.

       *this is the do or die part. If its not at MLG,its over.


I just want the next Halo to succeed and imo this is the way it should be in order to succeed.



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This thread again.

I don't know how many threads concerning Halo 5 have been made the past week. Probably over a dozen, which is too much for one topic. Mods/Admins, you need to create and pin either a "Halo 5 General Discussion" thread or a new forum. I swear, this forum is turning into "Halo Follower." If you want 343i members to get any sense out of all these threads, you should consolidate them into one.


@OP The ideas are good; it's just that they've been said countless times.

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