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So if Ogre 2 is the GOAT, then Ogre 1 would be .....

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I dont doubt that if Ogre 1 stuck with H3 on FB instead of going to Australia with his girlfriend, the Ogre reign may have never ended  :goat: Like many of said before, Ogre 1 was every bit as mechanically great as Ogre 2, and he played a vital role on FB in H2 always controlling power positions.  


Whats remarkable is that Ogre 2 after losing his 2 closest teammates( :walshy: , Ogre 1) that he had since H1 once of which was his twin fuckin brother and one half of the best duo to ever grace Halo, that he was able to bounce back in H3 and win the last 3 events including nationals in 2010 with the new FB which of course saw the rise of Pistola. Being a twin brother myself, it must of felt like losing your best friend and on a comp level your teammate you trusted the most. People always forget that when talking about Ogre 2, its amazing he recovered so well and managed to stay on top for so long.



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